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Air Filter Flywheel (Magneto)
Air FilterFlywheel (Magneto)



Gatorline .080 Donut 206' Primer Bulb PW518
Gatorline .080 Donut 206'Primer Bulb PW518

Oregon Best Trimmer Line, Mainly for Curved Shaft Trimmers 206 Feet of Double Layered Plastic Line Resist Breakage Because the outer Layer protects the inner layer from getting Brittle Professional Grade, Professionally Used Gatorline

Primer Bulb Husqvarna , ECHO and other Brands



Tanaka 5" Nylon Trimmer Head Type A Tanaka Exploded View TCG27EASP
Tanaka 5" Nylon Trimmer Head Type ATanaka Exploded View TCG27EASP

5" Standard two-line semi automatic trimmer head, .095" trimmer line




Exploded View for reference, call if Part is not Listed 208-237-9150